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Anyone looking for an easy weight loss plan in New York will be pleased to learn about the red tea detox diet.

The diet has been developed by Liz Swann Miller, Liz was already a world-famous Naturopath and Nutritional Author when she found a secret recipe while on vacation in Africa. The recipe was for a drink that the locals used to eliminate toxins from their bodies after being bitten by insects and snakes. Liz, due to her background, was immediately excited about any new information that could help her network of friends and readers.

What Liz also discovered was that not only did the drink remove toxins it also promoted weight loss.  Using a tour guide to act as her translator, Liz was able to gather all of the necessary information about the ingredients and how to use them to make the drink.

Liz was especially interested because of her recent work evaluating how beneficial a body detox can be. Every one of the eleven major organ systems in the body works better when toxins are eliminated, and they all work better together, in a synergistic fashion.

Liz put all ofher findings in her new book, The Red Tea Detox.

6 ways to lose weight fast in New York


How does the tea promote weight loss?

In order for the body to reach a balanced weight it essentially has to be in a balanced state. The body becomes in-balanced when toxins enter the body from the foods we eat, the drinks we consume, and from the environment. Everybody has a different body type and chemistry, and we all react differently to these toxins. In our body, these toxic cells are called “free radicals”, and they “bind” to our healthy cells and causes what is known as “oxidative” damage. Once we stop this process by detoxifying our bodies, a state of wellbeing can occur, our hormones become balanced again, energy levels will increase, sugar cravings will decrease, and weight loss happens naturally. Learn more about the tea here.

6 Ways to Lose Weight Fast in New York

When searching for ways to lose weight fast, often we are focused on the newest, best new weight loss program that’s advertised, and we end up overlooking some existing proven one’s. Here are 6 ways to loseweight that you may want to try some may be new to you, some don’t require too much effort just a simple diet change.

1: The Dukan Diet.

French doctor Pierre Dukan put this information out back in 2000 so yes, its been out there for a long time an “oldie”. My own experience with the Dukan Diet was definitely positive simply because, you get to eat as much as you want of certain food items. Having always felt hunger pains on other diets this was a nice change and I didn’t feel deprived.

The Dukan Diet is similar to other low carb diets like the Atkins Diet with some difference like, introducing some oat-bran fibre in the form of a pancake (recipes are in the book) and, increasing your protein consumption. Its also not very expensive to start the diet, the changes to your grocery list are mainly more protein products less carbs. I did share this diet with friends and family when I was on it, as people always ask what are you doing to lose weight when they see you dropping a few pounds. Those that tried it liked it and had good results, so worth a try if its new to you. Worse case scenario, you get hooked on oat-bran pancakes.

2: The Lemon Diet.

The lemon diet is one of the most rapid weightloss programs if you need to lose those extra pounds fast. The diet was developed by Stanley Burroughs way back in the 1940s (a real oldie), and gained more interest around 1976 when Burroughs wrote two books, “The Master Cleanser” and, “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment”, sharing his information about the diet with the world.

The lemon diet is also known as the Maple Syrup Diet, and is designed for someone who is looking to drop some weight quickly in two-weeks. The Lemon drink mixture is made by combining lemons, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. When I was on the diet, I did lose weight, about a pound a day but, I also found it quite challenging to complete the program for 2-weeks with basically no food. A side benefit of the diet is that it also acts as a 14-day detoxification program (juice cleanse) to help flush harmful toxins out of your body, especially in the colon region.

The diet is also not expensive because you will be substituting your food intake with lemons and maple syrup: The complete plan is still available in Stanley Burroughs’s book “The Master Cleanser “, if you need more information.

3: The Soup Diet.

There is a good chance you have heard about the cabbage soup diet which requires you to, consume lots of a low-calorie cabbage soup over seven days. The soup is made with cabbage and bouillon, you can add some French onion soup mix, tomatoes and a few other vegetables to improve the flavor if you want to.

One of the benefits of this diet is that you’re allowed to consume as much soup as you want every day avoiding any hunger pains. There a few different versions of the recipes for the soup, and depending on the version of the diet you are following. I had good results with this diet, making the soup with chicken bouillon plus some onions and pepper to add more flavor. Selecting a sodium reduced bouillon product is also recommended to avoid high sodium consumption especially if you are on a sodium-restricted diet.

The diet is also inexpensive but be aware that, consuming large quantities of cabbage has a tendency to produce intestinal gas, a side-effect you will experience on this diet.

A more recent version of aSoup Diet is the Bone Broth Diet developed by Dr. Kellyann’s. The Bone Broth Diet promotes that you can Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches–and Your Wrinkles!–in Just 21 Days. I’m liking the sound of that. 

4: The Cottage Cheese Diet

This diet first made the rounds in the 1970’s and has a few variations from 3-days to 7-days. The diet works by cutting down your calorie consumption, reducing carbs, and adding cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is low in fat and contains casein protein, the casein protein helps to prevent hunger pains, and is also recommended as a bedtime snack. Casein is a slow release nutrient supplying your body with a consistent supply of amino acids during your sleep.

The benefit of the cottage cheese diet is that it’s easy to start just pick up some cottage cheese. No need to count calories or follow complicated menu plans with this diet, so it’s simple to follow. While cottage cheese is the base of all versions of the diet there are other foods you can include.

I have not followed this diet myself so I don’t have any personal experiences to share. There is a publication that Monica Smith has created called “Cottage Cheese Crash Diet” that has some recommendations on how to follow this diet.

5: The Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet, which is also known as the Hollywood Diet, first made the rounds in the 1930’s (talk about an oldie). It is a short-term diet based on the claim that grapefruit has a fat-burning enzyme or similar property. The fad version of the Mayo Clinic dietis sometimes referred to as the grapefruit diet as well.

The diet (older version) called for eating ½ a fresh grapefruit at each meal with the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At breakfast you eat eggs, grapefruit, bacon and black coffee; at lunch and dinner you eat grapefruit, salad and all the meat you want. For snacks you can have a glass of nonfat milk or tomato juice. You follow this for 12-days, and then take two days off. After the 2-days off, you resume the diet if you need to lose more weight.

6: The Two-Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet is a diet program for safe, rapid weight loss developed by Brian Flatt. Based on a decade of scientific research, it promises at least to reduce 6 pounds of body fat in just 14 days. Brian Flatt, a trainer, weight loss coach, and nutritionist, grew tired of seeing clients constantly losing their weight loss battle. The 2 Week Diet succeeds where other weight loss systems fail because it addresses cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain, but also because it corrects the misinformation most dieters receive from the mainstream dieting industry. The diet system has helped thousands lose weight, proving virtually foolproof results.

The complete 2 Week Diet system includes:

The Launch Handbook – which explains the revolutionary science in plain language. Dieters get a simple, easy-to-follow crash course in the specific nutrients needed to lose fat, increase metabolism,and regain their health and energy.

The Diet Handbook – which reveals how dieters can tailor their rapid weight loss plan to suit their body type. Dieters find exactly what, how, and when to eat each day. This handbook eliminates the guess work that often accompanies other dieting plans.

The Activity Handbook – which discusses how a moderate amount of exercise is more than sufficient in the pursuit of fat-loss. Using these groundbreaking workouts, dieters get amazing results exercising only 20 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week.

The Motivation Handbook –which enables these unbelievable results by developing the right mindset, allowing dieters to stay motivated on their goals. Cultivating willpower is the key to a winning mindset.

Together these handbooks form a full, easy-to-follow system that produces real weightloss. At this very moment, it is creating a dramatic impact on people’s health around the world.

Learnmore here about the 2-week diet.

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